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I am about drawing a mix-between Undertale Au artwork, random content, and whatever the hell I want to draw... I enjoy drawing glitchtale a whole lot... Even though it is screwed up or lewd.



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WeaponizedAutist's News

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - 4 days ago

I just have been busy with a stream of early call ins, work, friends...

Though the best thing out of it... A new person in my life, someone sweet, someone wonderful, and simply a girlfriend.

She laughed at the stuff I make here... She is my first kiss... Funny isn't it?

If came here for artwork, yes I will try to start smaller pictures to compensate, I will have to see... Though I got new meaning in my life... I just feel better than ever to draw more often... I want to get better here. =)...

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - 12 days ago

To wonder, when the next creation or abomination I am working is at...

It's here

https://discord.gg/mtUchP It's Glitchtale Wiki, the place where some of my abominations are seen in W.I.P or worked on... Hell you may meet the community I am in. If wondering about W.I.P.

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - 2 weeks ago

Had a ton of sh*t to do and had a hell time with a fucking printer so I couldn't post. or do the shit I wanted.

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - 2 weeks ago

There is no updates to what I draw...

It's mainly a pricing

Charges $20 Full background + Character

$12 For no background, but still characters

+$5 To make it NSFW

Partial background ( A circle around character with minor details is ) $14

Color and Shading ARE AUTOMATIC. So don't worry about those...

I won't draw children, all characters I draw here are either adult or adultified.

Yes, I will draw your OC no matter if it is a Furry, Scaley, Amphibiany ( is that a thing? ), Bug, Mullusk, or Pan-athropod thing... I do not sexualize loli OC's though.. Sorry I am not that way >=X ...

This update is designed to help both of us... My end is to save time, your end is to save money for what you want specificly.

Just be concrete on what you want. It saves us both time.

Yes, I do not do free artwork... If ask me, I won't respond due to if you pay a barber for his craft on hair despite "anyone" can do it, the same concept applies to artist.



Posted by WeaponizedAutist - 1 month ago

When it comes to artwork...

I now do Comissions for the first time... If know any Alteratives to Patreon and Paypall I will take them.

I don't do free artwork or hands out... I am taking time out of my day to draw something oriented to your needs like a barber, don't expect it to be free. If want to support through other means I recommend thinking about the most cliche message about " Oh Look Share and Leave a Whopping Like ", but I rather let you be the decider on that. Leave a like or dislike. I rather put up with honesty than a lie. Though I will do discounts depending on month or holiday of importance.

Though you came directly for what I draw...

I will draw

  1. Pastel Gore
  2. Non-Porn
  3. Violence
  4. Furries, Scalies, and Avian Things
  5. Yuri
  6. Yaoi
  7. Futarani
  8. NSFW ( Hard and Soft )
  9. Fetishes are allowed
  10. Loli/Shota characters are allowed, but not in NSFW'd
  11. Aged up ( Depending on the age they have a chance of OC swap outs)

I only charge $20 for being admitly a newby... Though they are all fictional characters and beings at the end of the day, so no harm, no fowl. The artwork aren't my beliefs. They are a creation of my work, but not what I truly believe in. Like if I drew a nuke over a city building filled with nazi dildos, does that immedately mean I believe in nuking cities with nazis dildos? If said no... That's why....

No paypall messages allowed and will auto-ANON you unless want to associate. If paypall message is there, it's an immedate deny unless use one letter just to make it easy on my end.

paypal.me/DevilRatWorkshop < === Paypal

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - 1 month ago

I am cooking up new artwork in digital artwork.... Dust!Possession will be a digital ly updated and get new series...

Why the change to digital despite being beginner.... It's the best thing due to lighting and well easier to get better panels and would benefit from the digital art format.

Bigger characters and atmosphere.

Outside of redesigning that...

Characters will admitly change art styles heavily.... I am just glad I am able to go to digital due to no more color bleeds... Though my artwork leans towards extreme cartoon style with gianax influence. I hate the amount news feeds I give you guys

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - 1 month ago

Start expecting some digital artwork.---.. To b-e ho be honest... I will still do traditional art as I know you guys enjoy it and has taught me so much....

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - July 17th, 2019

Look at this but the other is a surprise. https://pin.it/so5heypiak5yx7

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - July 16th, 2019

I had to go through two kneaded erasers, now I got a multi pack and better brand one. Including changing lead types ftom HB to 2H. So I can reduce skintone being screwed up when outlining

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - July 8th, 2019

I cancelled a funny boba mockery picture with sans and refrence....

Also just been in the slumps emotionally...

Though I have gotten back on my feet for https://pin.it/r3r5qy6ev3cecy

That's a work in progress of me learning realism so I can get better with shadows and highlights in color pencil so I can get better designs...