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I like to digitally paint a shit ton.
Mainly tend to draw NSFW, Backgrounds, Undertail, and whatever comes to my head.
I do commissions, not requests.



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WeaponizedAutist's News

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - 1 day ago

I hate being late when trying to establish a psuedo-schedule of sorts. I love doing artwork, but haven't been able to do that due to so much hell, by two weeks.

I might get that resolved, because I am back to one job and this, one work place just works two hours per night. The other is five to six hours per day....

I am already jabbed the two weeks notice.

I want to do better, but the mediocrity and timing... Hell the place isn't that great, I did everything I could to make it better. I will hope October is better.

I am proud that I worked fast food for one year for two hours per night daily. No hard feelings.

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - 5 days ago


I am about to admit that, I might not got a plan for a good constant art schedule. That's because I work two jobs.

I am glad to have you fans and followers. I am very fortunate that my artwork is a little obscure on newgrounds.

When it comes to my artwork. I feel like I have been very experimental. Like very unusually experimental recently. Trying to learn more about digital art, I thought about cancelling my traditional artwork due to....

I find digital art fits my personality more as I like a very controlled and chaotic medium to work in. I like the freedom digital art comes with. I like not having smudges on our artwork. I had plans to hell even learn so many art styles as... I feel like one part of me has no identity, but the other knows it has an identity of calamity and corruption.

I find it funny I am starting to find myself, no longer a digital illustrator, but more like a digital painter due to how I draw so classically, but themes are the opposite of classical paintings.

Do I plan on making more backgrounds?

I find them very fun to draw, and teach me more art skills. I have been experimenting how many texture types can I mix within a digital painting. Sorry my colors have been more muted... Then again I feel it kind reflects me oddly enough. It's mainly because I am trying to teach myself how to use more opacity so when I am illustrating I am able to memorize and get colors more accurate without sacrificing blending.

I have had plans for Q&A's and Frequenly Asked Questions so I can be more responsive for you fans and visitors. As I believe communication is the best way to establish a good relationship for viewers and content production. So we have hind sight.

I have also had plans to make a Filetopia FX community and Discord community idea..

What's filetopia FX?

It's a pre-discord discord basically. Share images and files, associations very similar...

Why would I use this over discord?

I like more autonomy over my work and bigger file sizes if I want to share work in progresses with you guys.

Because we all have been cock blocked by Discord before for posting large file sizes

Also why discord? Being way more common, but it means I have to sacrifice autonomy for commonalities like that.

I want to have the most laidback policy on what can be posted and make it easier to communicate commissions as well.

I am also branching on other platforms....

I am cancelling Pinterest Artwork 100%


I honestly do not touch it at all, more work can be admittedly explicit, I just find that platform not suitable for my work at all... Anyone who did view my work through it. I am sorry, but will I comeback? If have the time to post #SFW shit.

I hate those damn bots also...

Also the pinterest platform is being canned in favor of.... Twitter? Why that? They do allow NSFW with precautions...

What about my DeviantArt? Oh that will be used for a purely SFW experience because mostly due to the fact the NSFW classicifications on that website is confusing what is considered pornography and what is not when it comes to NSFW.

Why is your name WeaponizedAutist? Well basically so I could search adult content due to for a while you could look up adult content without having an account back then, but now requires it. That's the only reason why I make #SFW undertale work anyway so people can dive bomb to my nsfw via profile.

Will I stay a friend of most FB pages? I find myself happy with one FB Group, the rest seem to strict and would freak the hell out over my future ideas of glitchtale, storyshift, and any swap-type AU being porned. So I stick to a community I like.

Why do you draw porn? Why the hell not and it is fun.

Why do draw so much undertail? Read above what I said. Besides it teaches my about how to draw furry vaginas

What digital program do I use? Krita as I want to own a product not borrow, and also photoshop is a loss in potentional for digital painting for me as you have only a pay subscription and on top of that... No premium version to pay for it and keep it. So why would I invest in something that would cost me from a ratio to commissions?


If I only get two plain character artworks PER month, without an affiliation with Photoshop student or teacher. It would be basically a loss being only left with four a month for creative cloud 1TB... So I am borrowing a program and not owning it. So this is why artists often do not do requests occasionally... =X As you are on the surface are paying for their creativity and tools so they can give you the product.

Meanwhile Krita it is a gain no matter what and is compatable with photoshop brushes and philes, so the program is obsolete.

Why does my work look rapidly different everytime? Testing grounds for artwork primarily and experience. I want to be a jack of all trades, not a trade of all jacks.

I am not able to full-fill a promise of every two days artwork and catch up anymore. That's due to I work, but I want to one day be able to have this as my job so I can have that time.

I think about getting a patreon, but I do not have the following, but will I have pay walls? NO! I just want enough to live and thrive, but not to glutton and greed. I will use the alternatives to patreon as well as I do not see myself as a platform loyalist unless they give me autonomy. ( AKA Newgrounds )

Why do I not do requests? It's a time sink and that's not much different from " I will make my own artwork "... As I have limited time. If someone else wants to help me with a commission, they are immedately first... The "Viewership" idea is stupid as it costs more money to invest in art than it does for a reaction channel. Art is a skilled labor, not hard labor.

Will I ever animate? Once I learn Krita's animation side... Yes mainly to learn more.



Cancelling Pinterest Support in favor of Twitter

Will change Newgrounds Name in the future to Devil!Rat to unify Rule34 name and discord ( yes that means getting a premium here )

Will learn to make a Filetopia FX server.

Will make a Discord server with bots to help with communication... I am not for the faint of heart. This server will be a 18+ Discord Server, and will reflect that.

NSFW will be aimed artistlcly different from SFW! Why this case in division of stylizations? Simply... I am starting to think to avoid the uncanniness of my eyes, I notice I draw eyes weirdly sometimes, and that is a result... Also I feel it would help disgustinguish a clearer picture without having to overly detail everything and be appealing...

Besides a more cartoony style lends itself better to NSFW as you can express more expressions and body types vs. the painterly I use on average, but I will try to sneak references of the painterly look into NSFW backgrounds and partial backgrounds.

It will save more one line work I recently learned with is a clear feature of NSFW artwork vs. Paintings.

I feel this would help both of us as I like texture vs. pure color for it. As texture expresses more to me as someone who experiences differently. I find flat colors look boring. So aiming for a cartoony yet highly stylized look will save my NSFW work versus doing the same SFW style to NSFW.

My normal style I guess is offputting as it is inspired by old flash animation, life experiences, observation, and trying to learn a measurement where canny to uncanniness ends. It's so I can make a cartoony detailed work, but also adapt the same ideas into horror and comedy. Including give off many emotions and avoid an E-rating why? I do not associate myself with that label outside of deviantart.

These ideas of art don't work the same NSFW for erotic artwork. So I want to make my palletes brighter and more saturated to make more appealing work as eyes are important to normal people, and mouths, so cutting down them would be a smart move, but I will not sacrifice perspective... Hell that's why I want to learn it to help NSFW first before SFW.

Though I feel like a more cartoon aesthic would fucking help with NSFW work in the start and gradually get better knowledge of positions and skin. Making skin recognizably male vs. female...

I took a damn hour just to make this news.

Plans for the future, see if I myself can get an average of five fans per month. As I want to become a better artist first though.

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - 2 weeks ago

Girlfriend stuff, it failed, but not mad....

The real thing stuff I want to prioritize, I am gonna put Underlust content ON HOLD. Though will make it up next month or later. Though don't be mad, I am probally going doing a remake of storyswap chara, different position, but I want to draw more female charas, and a sexy fabletilt character to make up for it. Hell if lucky, can sneak in a storyshift milf or a milf from underrated AU.

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - 1 month ago

I just have been busy with a stream of early call ins, work, friends...

Though the best thing out of it... A new person in my life, someone sweet, someone wonderful, and simply a girlfriend.

She laughed at the stuff I make here... She is my first kiss... Funny isn't it?

If came here for artwork, yes I will try to start smaller pictures to compensate, I will have to see... Though I got new meaning in my life... I just feel better than ever to draw more often... I want to get better here. =)...

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - 1 month ago

To wonder, when the next creation or abomination I am working is at...

It's here

https://discord.gg/mtUchP It's Glitchtale Wiki, the place where some of my abominations are seen in W.I.P or worked on... Hell you may meet the community I am in. If wondering about W.I.P.

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - August 10th, 2019

Had a ton of sh*t to do and had a hell time with a fucking printer so I couldn't post. or do the shit I wanted.

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - August 5th, 2019

There is no updates to what I draw...

It's mainly a pricing

Charges $20 Full background + Character

$12 For no background, but still characters

+$5 To make it NSFW

Partial background ( A circle around character with minor details is ) $14

Color and Shading ARE AUTOMATIC. So don't worry about those...

I won't draw children, all characters I draw here are either adult or adultified.

Yes, I will draw your OC no matter if it is a Furry, Scaley, Amphibiany ( is that a thing? ), Bug, Mullusk, or Pan-athropod thing... I do not sexualize loli OC's though.. Sorry I am not that way >=X ...

This update is designed to help both of us... My end is to save time, your end is to save money for what you want specificly.

Just be concrete on what you want. It saves us both time.

Yes, I do not do free artwork... If ask me, I won't respond due to if you pay a barber for his craft on hair despite "anyone" can do it, the same concept applies to artist.



Posted by WeaponizedAutist - July 30th, 2019

When it comes to artwork...

I now do Comissions for the first time... If know any Alteratives to Patreon and Paypall I will take them.

I don't do free artwork or hands out... I am taking time out of my day to draw something oriented to your needs like a barber, don't expect it to be free. If want to support through other means I recommend thinking about the most cliche message about " Oh Look Share and Leave a Whopping Like ", but I rather let you be the decider on that. Leave a like or dislike. I rather put up with honesty than a lie. Though I will do discounts depending on month or holiday of importance.

Though you came directly for what I draw...

I will draw

  1. Pastel Gore
  2. Non-Porn
  3. Violence
  4. Furries, Scalies, and Avian Things
  5. Yuri
  6. Yaoi
  7. Futarani
  8. NSFW ( Hard and Soft )
  9. Fetishes are allowed
  10. Loli/Shota characters are allowed, but not in NSFW'd
  11. Aged up ( Depending on the age they have a chance of OC swap outs)

I only charge $20 for being admitly a newby... Though they are all fictional characters and beings at the end of the day, so no harm, no fowl. The artwork aren't my beliefs. They are a creation of my work, but not what I truly believe in. Like if I drew a nuke over a city building filled with nazi dildos, does that immedately mean I believe in nuking cities with nazis dildos? If said no... That's why....

No paypall messages allowed and will auto-ANON you unless want to associate. If paypall message is there, it's an immedate deny unless use one letter just to make it easy on my end.

paypal.me/DevilRatWorkshop < === Paypal

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - July 26th, 2019

I am cooking up new artwork in digital artwork.... Dust!Possession will be a digital ly updated and get new series...

Why the change to digital despite being beginner.... It's the best thing due to lighting and well easier to get better panels and would benefit from the digital art format.

Bigger characters and atmosphere.

Outside of redesigning that...

Characters will admitly change art styles heavily.... I am just glad I am able to go to digital due to no more color bleeds... Though my artwork leans towards extreme cartoon style with gianax influence. I hate the amount news feeds I give you guys

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - July 25th, 2019

Start expecting some digital artwork.---.. To b-e ho be honest... I will still do traditional art as I know you guys enjoy it and has taught me so much....