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I go by Devil!Rat, but on average I will say I am a digital painter. That likes to draw porn and surreal shit.



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I am surprised how much I enjoy this platform.

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - 1 month ago

I found it the best place to make artwork on... Due to just a very odd ball community that I find more interesting than most art communities.

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It helps that the site is run by one of the nicest people ever and hasn't been sterilized and monetized straight to corporate Hell because of it. This means it appeals to the less-than-socially-acceptable folks who can't even be crude and occasionally negative elsewhere anymore out of fear of being blocked or banned. That and there's still many of the older bunch who haven't left since the early '00s. Still, never stop posting your art on as many sites as you can. Throw out a wide net and catch as many fans as possible.

Your style, by the way, is pretty interesting. Not so much the older art, but what you've been doing recently. The whimsical, lineless look is really neat. I especially like World's Stability.

When I really start kicking, I want to eventually get the scoutting thing, but I do ackowledge I have improved a ton, but with a bumbling movement, but impressive when I become more of a digital painter recently, where i find myself better at that than line art. The lineless and whims , including surreal works for me.... I wonder what does scouting do for my Newgrounds account?

"I wonder what does scouting do for my Newgrounds account?"

I'm neither a mod, nor am I scouted, so, if my information is incorrect, I wholehearted apologize.

Ahem, if scouted, your art is officially placed in the portal, which is potentially seen by many, many more users. Potentially. It's not a guarantee, of course. As for the unscouted, they are only noticed if one specifically chooses to look at the works of "Undiscovered Artists". You also gain the ability to scout others, which is a little risky, because if you scout a fraud or any one refusing to follow the rules of the portal, you will likely be in as much trouble as the offender(s) for granting them access. If you are going to continue to create content for your own pleasure, then I suppose it doesn't matter either way. You do it for pleasure, rather than to be noticed... though having more fans would be a pleasant bonus, right?

Okay explains a whole lot, but I want to eventually get this status to have more fans, besides I kinda have carved a niche for myself in Undertail and bringing other Au's to this platform... I find it crazy how much I have changed visually.
If want to mention disjointed, MY ART is the VERY DEFINITION OF THAT. Because I figured out so many different ways to draw one item, I found it hard to standardize.

@Phronemophobia I thought about talking more on damn Newgrounds with a daily news feed considering I find it odd people look at my old content, but now I feel people do notice the new stuff heavily. I am definately doing that for now on as I want to eventually make digital art a carrier. =^X From hobby to carrier.... I find it odd that I got a very painterly look, my coloring kinda lead me to this path.

I wish you the best of luck, if not better.