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I am le Devil!Rat and I like to digitally paint porn and surreal paintings. Also feels like I am the only one of the few smut occasionally digital painters... Including my passions is drawing backgrounds and enjoy drawing naked bodies, includes furries!


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A Sneak Peak, slightly heavy message

Posted by WeaponizedAutist - 10 days ago

As I want to make my work pretty darn good just like November. Hell try to top that.


An early alpha picture in the works, but letting you guys see a heavily work in progress version, (Some stuff WILL CHANGE LIKE MIRRORING getting flipped constantly as it will include some humans/humanoids. The picture is definately trying to spark a lively wintery vibe. Christmas-y?

As I want to make as much pictures for Christmas as possible and try to push my depth in my work to help add more of a 3D look. As I am trying to avoid 2D look.

I hope you guys love the sneak peak or the work so far. I don't expect all of you to take time out of your day for it, but what is here. Is to show you how much I gotten done, and honestly. It helps explain why my work colorings have change so much. As I try to work textured from the start, and stick to a typically next to black shadows so when I do place color, there is a tad of what I call " color bleeding " When saturation JUMPS for no reason, or a color is a little leaky, but vibrant despite that "issue". I am starting to achieve harder edges out of Krita. Yes I work on using Krita not photoshop.

Mainly don't support abode, and don't have the money for the later, but the tools krita gives are GREAT FOR PAINTING. It shocks me just a few modifications, I get some good stylizations out of it... I feel like I have really grown from beginner, to something advanced. Then again... I felt like my colors were admitly just a tad better in the painterly style, to full blown direction.

I am surprised when I started in Digital Art in Jul 27, 2019 that my work would blow up a little bigger than this. It shocks me how much I have changed in my art direction, color choices, hell the shading looks ALIEN TO ME! As I remember used to using multiple layers of shadows in the what I call or dub "pencil-era" of my artwork. Starting with Jul 31, 2019 being NO CUTE SHIT ALLOWED And ending with Sep 2, 2019 Commission sheet... As why I call that the end of my pencil-era despite that includes backgrounds.... Well It mainly uses similar style tools. While I consider my work is in a new ERA of artwork...

The painterly era or methodology of one. Starting in "Halloween Painting" Oct 15, 2019 to current. I am glad that I finally found how I like to work most in artwork. As I find myself not built during October in the pure line-art. I felt like I would consider my sketch era. Will I ever make that style of art? Who the hell knows? I know that I did learn so much during october... I felt out of any month that has taught me to draw and seeing blatant improvements... I call that month improvement. Seeing how I am looking forward to Christmas + New Year.... All I got to say is...

Wow I have gotten from no name to some of a name with meaning. Despite having artwork that is very niche in presentation, I felt like I have gone a long way from my traditional roots. Will I ever make another traditional picture? The world may never know? Not just talking about a tootsie roll.

I am glad you guys joined on this crazy train. I let you guys see my work in progress, this is a minor slight nod to my "pinterest' days? Why was I on pinterest? Trying to branch out as much as possible? What happened in the end? I found my home was newgrounds all along. Due to having my highest view count, and has the perfect amount of balance? Am I on other platforms? Deviantart and rule34xx, and rule34paheal.... Though this place has the perfect balance for me to post on. As I don't want to be fully specialized for hentai, nor want to be too clean like deviantart.. Yes the very website that vores people and licks the sols of feet, and calling that clean. I am looking at their "Mature" content comparison to here and honestly. I find it... A pain to understand so I stick here. Besides I find this community much more fun and better to be in for me. As someone raised on this platform for flash games, and for a long time didn't visit, but came back with an account. I am glad to be able to witness this website through my youth, and teen years. Hell in my young adult 20's Still seeing this place grow. It makes me smile being on a platform that has grew with me. Unlike most websites I watched develop.

I find it funny back then I would've been a tumblr artist, but December dick destoryed tumblr is why I am here. Besides I fit more in this culture than Tumblr or Deviantart. Rulexx and Rule34Pahael were more like exposure websites for me than legitimate posting locations. As I am not purely a smut artist, but don't consider myself a clean artist. My style is kind of a reflection of this. As I avoid any smoothness in texturing as possible. To keep things interesting rather than go for a "traditionally digital" Look? If don't understand it. Think of.... Gradients ( Air Brush ) + Lines + Color = Picture. The ultra clean and smooth look... While I kind of do the very opposite of admitly working in Color X Texture + Shapes + Edges. I adopt a painter look as I find myself great at backgrounds, okay at humanoids


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Thought it was so heavy, that most people couldn't take their the time out of day for this work.